AVATEC Creates New Technology for MLCC

CEO Message


Thank you for visiting AVATEC homepage.

Founded in 2000, AVATEC is a company listed on KOSDAQ grown up constantly through the continuous R&D and the management innovation in the rapidly changing managerial environment.

We are the company specialized in coating producing EMI filter, low reflection coated products, products with transparent electrode, etc. which are the high functional thin film coated products, based on the largest domestic multi-layer vacuum sputtering facilities and coating technology.
In addition, to secure the competitiveness, the touch mobile business division, of which demands are growing gradually, has incorporated the production facilities for stand-alone cover glass production, ITO sputtering, metal sputtering, exposure/etching process, etc. in line. It contributes to the customer satisfaction with the improvement of productivity and quality.
TFT-LCD panel etching business division possesses the proprietary etching technology that reduces the thickness of panel according to the trend of making the flat display device lightweight and thin, and is providing best products by incorporating the back ITO coating process in line to prevent the static electricity after etching.

Based on the superior technology skills accumulated till now, all the executives and employees of AVATEC promise to make our best until the day that our customers are touched by our service beyond the customer satisfaction having the principles of challenge, development and creation to diversify our business.
Thank you for the constant interests and encouragement placed by customers and stockholders and we will meet your expectations by maximizing the corporate value without fail.

CEO : Myeong-Seop Park