AVATEC Creates New Technology for MLCC

Concept of Talent

AVATEC, which cares the talented people, recruits the talented people who are doing their best in the given job
with creative and challenging attitude having sound thinking and correct values.

Desirable Talent Image

  • 01Persons who are creative and have challenging spirit
    Those who pursue the changes with progressive and flexible thinking
    Those who pioneer new area with creativeness and technology and prepare for the future
  • 02Persons who have sound thinking and correct values
    Those who are courageous and speak out to correct something wrong without fear
    Those who lead the change, always accept something new and bring the vigor and freshness to the company
  • 03Future-oriented and diligent persons
    Those who try to understand not only his/her own specialized field but also other fields
    Those who make effort constantly for self-development
    those who develop key capability with active learning and have vision for their own field