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Recruitment Guide

Recruitment Period

Regular Recruitment

  • AVATEC recruits the domestic and overseas manpower frequently required by each business division/institute through internet.
  • As the workplace and department are determined, the applicant can apply desired department immediately.
  • Please verify the details such as recruitment period, eligibility, etc. on the recruitment bulletin or inquiry.

Year-round Recruitment
(Irregular Recruitment)

  • To secure the domestic and overseas excellent talents in the key fields, AVATEC receives the online application for 365 days.
  • The fields for year-round recruitment are shown under the tile (Year-round Recruitment) at top of Recruitment Bulletin and recruitment is made monthly basis.
  • The results after application will be notified by e-mail after second or third week of following month

Recruitment Procedure

Recruitment Procedure

Recruitment Procedure


  • Administrative and Technical Staff : Those who have graduated or will graduate the junior college or higher
    (In case of technical staff, those who majored in electricity, electronics, physics, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering are preferred)
  • Site Technical Staff : Those who have graduated high school or higher
  • Common : Those who finished or exempted from the military service and have not disqualified to overseas travel


  • Those who speak foreign language fluently and those who hold related certification

For Further Inquiry

  • E-mail : sean93@avatec.co.kr
  • Tel : +82-53-529-4060 / Fax :+82-53-592-1030

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Welfare Benefits

  • Congratulation and condolence leave, the congratulation and condolence money and funeral supplies are supported

  • Incentive according to management performance

  • Commendation for exemplary employee

  • Retirement pension
    (defined contribution)

  • Reward for long
    tenured employee

  • In-house restaurant

  • Dormitory service

  • Support the club activities

  • Operate commuting bus
    (Varies depending on workplace)

  • Selective welfare system