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Etching/ITO Coating Business


According to the lightweight and thin display trend, the slimming technology is applied to overall mobile displays such as smartphone, ultra-book, tablet PC, etc. applied with thin and high quality panel by applying the chemical etching technology to the display panels such as LCD and OLED and the range of device is being expanded gradually.

AVATEC possesses the best slimming/ ITO coating technology and promise you to provide the high quality and mass-production service by incorporating the ITO coating to remove the static electricity from the panel after slimming process into the process line.


Applied Technology

  • Slimming process technology: As an essential technology to implement the lightweight and thin LCD panel, it makes the LCD panel (C/F filter + TFT Glass) from the thickness of 1.0mm to the thickness 0.3mm or less
  • IMITO & Metal Coating: Is the essential technology for IPS panel to form the pattern to improve the IPS panel touch