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Contents of Research

Major Research Area of AVATEC

These are the major research areas of AVATEC, which makes effort to develop new product through novel thinking.

    Flexible Transparent Electrode Coating for OLED
    ITO Coating for PDP/LCD
    Advanced ARAS Coating
    Black Matrix Coating for Color Filter in TFT
    However frivolous digestive etching technique
    AG surface treatment technology
    ITO replacement material deposition techniques
    AR & AF large area deposition technology
    Optical Micro Device Mirror Coating
    High Reflective Coating
    Digital X-ray Scintillator CSI : TI Coating
    Color Glass for Decoration
    Smart Windows
    Self Cleaning Glass
    Anti-Finger Coating Glass
    PDP EMI Filter Glass
    PDP EMI-Less Filter Glass
    Low-Emissivity Coating Glass
    Navigation Decoration Glass for Vehicle
    Dashboard Glass for Vehicle
    High Hardness Coating For Window Cover Glass
    Mirror Display Shutter for Vehicle
    Film Thickness Measuring
    Optical Deposition Monitoring
    Plasma Measuring & Diagnostics
    Sensors for Vacuum Process