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Company AVATEC

We will build the digital display world with the thin film vacuum coating technology and the core display components.

  • Etching/ITO Coating Business

    Etching/ITO Coating Business

    AVATEC secured the technology to make the products with lightweight and thin through slimming, and the best IPS panel coating technology, which satisfy the needs in the display market for high functional devises and is producing the products having the highest competitiveness through the process unification.

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  • Tempered Glass Business

    Tempered Glass Business

    As a business of manufacturing the core component of mobile device, the cover glass of touch panel for mobile devices and tablet PC, we built the integrated production system by linking it with the touch screen business and recently, are producing the products with reinforced hardness and greatly enhanced touch.

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  • Touch Panel Business

    Touch Panel Business

    Since AVATEC built the infrastructures for line that can produce high quality glass touch sensor products and possesses the whole processes based on the proprietary vacuum deposition technology accumulated for several years which allow AVATEC to engage in the production directly, AVATEC can respond to the order with quick delivery.

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  • Coating Business

    Coating Business

    AVATEC's Coating Business Division is producing the diverse functional products coated with thin film demanded by customer by depositing mainly the metal or metal oxide on the glass, film or resins(acrylics) through the vacuum deposition system.

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Advanced VAcuum TEChnology


Research & Development

We are investing in R&D continuously to respond to the changes in surrounding environment and the customer's demand actively and strive for developing new product through innovative thinking.


Investor Relation

AVATEC is leading the wind of change and innovation based on the firm financial stability. We will do our best to improve the stockholder value and to secure the customers' trust with transparent IR activities.


We are recruiting the sincere talents who can create the future and develop continuously with AVATEC.

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